Hi, I am Gioia

Mongelli, web

and graphic


super duper ai

superduper ai concept.

moti koan

moti's koan landing page concept.

aarti strange

wellness with aarti strange.

moti media

moti media concept.

superhero incsub

superhero concept.

hadley design 8 tips

hadley design '8 tips'

luxury presence

luxury presence IG concept.

ultimate linkedin

ultimate.ai's linkedin teaser

arhanta yoga

ultimate.ai's eventbrite webinar

ultimate linkedin

arhanta yoga concept.

johnathan james vineyard

johnathan james vineyard email design.


I am a web and graphic designer. I realized this was my real vocation as an adult, when I eventually enrolled in the Skillcrush online courses.

When I am not working, you can find me learning new skills, new languages, playing boardgames, building a pc, reading a good book, watching some nice movie or tv-series -I am huge movie lover- trying a new recipe, shopping online or, most of all, travelling: the most enriching activity ever.