moti media concept.


Social Media Graphic Design


Adobe Illustrator


Visual art representing Moti Media’s ethos and values, “discovering the inner utopia”.

I wanted to create a piece of visual art, which could not only represent Moti Media's ethos and values -as requested- but that could be consistent with the company's brand. This is why I decided to choose the same palette of purple/pink and a minimalist style, which could recall Moti Media's website. At the same time, though, I wanted to immediately help the viewers understand the message: discover the inner utopia, finding the most authentic version of themselves, basically taking off the mask we feel forced to wear on our everyday life, requires a good dose of courage. At the same time, I wanted to create a message everyone could identify with, no matter the sex, the race, the location, which is why I chose to give this human being a skin color that doesn’t exist, whose sex doesn't matter at all.

moti media
moti media